Time for a new kind of support.

If you are looking for a different kind of support and no blah-blah, welcome to Binz communications. We have a passion for design that works, efficient strategies and precision in workflow and realisation. However, we are very different and not a fit for everybody. What makes us special is the different angle. It seems to be strange, but we do not have a land based office as we are sailing around the World while we are working. So if you are open for a different mind set – here we go.

We are mostly in long term business relations and let`s say it humbly that way: our clients love our depth, passion and loyalty. After 28 years of experience in international marketing and advertising for both, huge and small companies, we are pretty familiar with this business and the persons acting. That`s why we have decided to offer our proven and awarded competence to well-motivated and straight forward clients only.

If you are looking for a professional and competent partner, let`s talk. If you are working on a pitch list, it`s not us. Let`s get to the point: nobody should waste valuable lifetime and that`s why we avoid marketing bullshit and do not rely on the widespread boast of the industry.

We enjoy the privilege to choose our future business partner in a mutual agreement. To accomplish our goal to realize great results only, we have chosen a very different workstyle but that`s for our client´s benefit only.

Karin Binz

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